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Registered Massage Therapist

Amy Carson

Amy graduated from the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy and is an RMT registered in BC. Amy has a passion for learning about human anatomy and physiology as is evident, she also graduated with academic honours from UBCO with a kinesiology degree.

Amy believes in a holistic approach to working with her patients, treating the whole person with a variety of modalities to best facilitate healing. She finds using her knowledge of the body helps her use specific techniques that promote balance and optimal health for her patients to respond with ease. Committed to being a lifelong student, Amy is keen and excited to continue learning and integrating new research and evidence-based treatment approaches into her practice.

Recently Amy has embarked on Yoga Teacher Training to help her assist her patients with understanding the biomechanics of stress reducing techniques which can further assist in her appointments. She is keen to share her knowledge and tips for effective home care strategies which will help prolong the effects of her treatment and encourage her patients to have more control in their healing journey.

In her spare time, after yoga (: Amy loves to be in the mountains, hiking, biking, snowboarding and camping. Just enjoying the outdoors and all our beautiful province has to offer.


See you soon!

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